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… über der Quelle der Wiesent

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  1. Bogdan

    Frohe ostern!. Hope i wrote well.
    Where those eggs were hanged? is a habbit you have around there?

  2. Those Easter eggs are so cute and your composition just stunning.

  3. Asgardr

    Nice paintjob on the eggs! Why are they hanging above the water?

  4. oldshutterhand

    Well, it´s a tradition to decorate all the fountains and wells with crowns of branches and Easter eggs. At this time of the year all of them are filled with water, but in the summer some of them might dry out. With the decoration people hoped to avoid that. I don´t know if that helped but the adornment is a great tourist attraction because nearly every village has it´s own spring.

  5. John Maslowski

    Amazing craft, the egg decorations are fascinating. Great capture, like the deep blue water for the background.

  6. Seasonal picture ! But vey nice craft on these superbly decorated eggs

  7. So pretty. I love the lightly colored one and how they're hanging over the water like this. It's a beautiful image.

  8. I like the contrast of colors.

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