Frühlingsgefühle …


… macht diese Fasanenhähne ziemlich blind für Beobachter

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  1. Joachim

    Sieht aus wir freilebend. Toller Schnappschuss.

  2. You were lucky to be able to watch this fascinating ‘wedding dance’. Thanks for sharing your fabulous capture!

  3. Toller Vogel .. schön wie der die Flügel ausstellt!

  4. What a bully 😀 Someone should just smack him and let him know his rightful place.
    Great catch, love the light through his feathers.

  5. Et toujours la loi du plus fort! très belle image dynamique

  6. Fantastic action shot, not easy to catch on camera. Well done

  7. John Maslowski

    Great shot, like the wing spread and the freezing of the action. Excellent capture.

  8. guter schuss!

  9. Yess!! that s what I thought when I saw it: Spring fever

  10. beautiful shot.I guess they wee so engaged…i liie the male caught in midair.

  11. Just captured at the right moment, great picture!

  12. A wonderful sign of spring:-) They're beautiful and you've captured them at quite a moment.

  13. A moment very well captured.

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