Balkon …

Moskau 2008

… Idylle in Moskau

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11 Kommentare

  1. very funny capture!!

  2. Marcie

    Great details in the rail and frieze. Love the colors and the composition. FUN!

  3. Can still see the charm of the place despite the effect of people living there.

  4. Really beautiful. How did you like the city?

  5. oldshutterhand

    Hy Chris, thanks for all your comments. Moscow is one of the cities that has changed incredible through the last few years. There is always a lot to see and if the weather is fine even more. I do find russian people very unpolite and uncharming that´s why its not one of my favourite places,
    cheers OS

  6. Interesting. It looks like one floor can afford air conditioning but the other can't.

  7. oldshutterhand

    Thanks for your comment Jim. The fact is, one floor already has got an aircondition and the other not. I always thought that Moscow is a more cold place.
    Cheers OS

  8. Interessanter Schnappschuss … obwohl der Titel leicht ironisch klingt, ist es sicherlich nicht die schlechteste Wohngegend Moskaus, die man hier sieht. Interessante Architektur.

  9. Olivier Jules

    well composed

  10. clarence

    Very narrow doorway in the balconies, wouldn't work in overweight USA.

  11. Jonas

    The bike looks like a girl's one. I can imagine the kind of story this shot tells us!

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