Sommer …

… in der Stadt. Die Hitze in der Nacht wird kaum Abkühlung bringen

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  1. That is an excellent shot. I like the gradations of colour in the sky.

  2. … dann zur Abkühlung in den Fluß!! 🙂

  3. Photo Attraction

    Beautiful scenery!
    Is it the Danube ?

    • It´s a bit too small for that. This river runs through my hometown Bamberg towards the Rhine river system. The Danube is about 150 km south from here running through Ingolstadt.
      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Von Abkühlung gibt es hier im Norden genug, leider…
    Schöne Stimmung!

  5. Beautiful and colorful sunset in the city.
    For me, because i live near the ocean, the sunset it’s always in the sea.

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