Fischer …

Peking Yuyuantan Park Angler 2013

… im Yuyuantan Park in Peking. Fische hab ich da auch keine gesehen.

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  1. In the direction ‘two o’clock’ from the fisherman there is a light shadow in the water which looks like a decent size fish. So there is hope after all!
    Love the perspective of this candid capture.

    • I believe it is a plastic bag in the shallow water which would be usual for China 🙂 but things are getting better. Thanks again for commenting Arnd.

  2. Roland Theys

    Excellent perspective shot!

  3. beanow

    I like it!

  4. looks like he’s fishing in a city lake or pond. interesting.

  5. The framing was well thought out as a diagonal composition.
    Well done.

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