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Peking Strasse 2013

… vergnügen vor der Haustür. Sieht aus als würde die Dame stricken aber das ist wohl was anderes.

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I like the quiet, relaxed atmosphere here.
Again, it looks as if you as a European did not attract the attention of the people in your shots. Did you use a powerful telephoto lens for street photography in China?

Thanks Arnd. I use the 14-140mm Lumix Vario and in this case at the 61mm (122mm equivalent 35mm) position. The turnable display of the GH3 makes it easy to look at the display from above when holding the camera in front of your tummy or chest. And I have to be quick and do not pick up any eye contact with your models. Europeans are not that rare any more in China and especially in Peking.

Vielleicht sticken? Früher saßen die Menschen auch bei uns vor dem Haus, in der Sonne und dösten oder beschäftigten sich. Auf Reisen erkennt man sich im Fremden oft wieder.

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