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… Burano

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  1. Der italienische Flair – grossartig eingefangen!

  2. Robert Kruh

    Wow interesting pinki colours! Great shot 🙂

  3. Like the old times.

  4. Einfach nurnoch geil!

  5. Colorful…to say the least:-) Although it has a very homey feeling to it. I'd love to see the inside.

  6. Asgardr

    In your face colours. Strangely the owner of the house is less colourfull with his wardrobe.

  7. Great ! At the first glance I was ure that it was Burano! Thanks for his picture! I have at least 50 pictures of Burano posted on my site, and I am still fascinated by this village.

  8. Joachim

    Witziges Foto mit herrliche Farbkontrasten.

  9. Photoente

    reduziert auf wenige Farben und trotzdem sieht es irgendwie knallig aus. Klasse!

  10. e m i l l a m o l a

    Una delicia!
    (Aunque da la sensación de que está un poco torcida, al menos la puerta.)

  11. Laundry day 🙂 Good colors!

  12. Somehow I missed this photo when you originally posted it. This is perhaps the most happy bright shot of hanging laundry I have ever seen. Really striking.

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