Rot …

… am Rande des Flohmarktes in Sao Paulo

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8 Kommentare

  1. Schöne Reflektionen im Wasser, gefällt mir gut.

  2. grapf

    Nett gespiegelt, ja. Und schön knallig rot 🙂

  3. Nice reflection shot, very well done!

  4. John Maslowski

    Like the way you framed and composed this shot. The reflections are great and I really like the red colors here.

  5. Reflections add so much to a photograph. I like the dividing boundary between the order of the wall and the chaos elsewhere.

  6. great colourful reflection

  7. Great reflection ! For the fun I would have turned it upside down !

  8. stock images

    well spotted

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