V …


… für Victory? Chinesinnen in Frankfurt.

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  1. A felicitous, thought-provoking image. Did these girls pose for you or have you been an undetected observer of this interesting scene?

  2. David

    Curious pose. Fine candid.

  3. Oswegan

    They love having their picture taken I think. Nice work.

  4. oldshutterhand

    Many thanks for all the comments. In this case I was took part of the fotoshooting taken by antother photographer.
    In the moment I am in Sao Paulo,Brazil which I dont´t find the most beautiful place to be. Tomorrow I´ll move to Buenos Aires and will hopefully bring some shots from that trip. Cheers.

  5. what a happy picture

  6. Uwe - accessible.de

    Klasse Foto. Ich glaube fast, diese V-Geste ist sehr verbreitet in Asien. Ich habe schon sehr viele Fotos aus diesem Bereich gesehen, wo Leute dieses V machen.

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