Endlos …

verfallenes Haus

… wären die Geschichten die dieses verlassene Haus erzählen könnte.
Die Leute bauen einfach ein neues neben dran.

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8 Kommentare

  1. Oswegan

    What a great old building.

  2. Looks like it's leaning into the ground. I would really like a chance to peek inside.

  3. Nice almost symmetry.

  4. Justin

    Quaint little cottage/fixer upper!

  5. The bright colors of your photograph are in distinct contrast to the poor condition of the house. Nonetheless, a great image with a story to ponder about.

  6. John Maslowski

    Excellent shot of this old cottage. Really like the color of that roof. Great details too, nice work.

  7. This por house needs some maintenance ! Nice picture !

  8. i can see it restored. what a beautiful structure.

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