Maus …

Burg Maus

… ist der Name der zweiten Burg

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7 Kommentare

  1. Are these castles close to each other?

  2. Amazing structures. Those birds flying over seem to have found something. Womderful image.

  3. David

    Impressive structure. Like the birds flying overhead.

  4. Beautiful image, with certain aged flavor by the treatment.

  5. Cozmo Photography

    nice old building! Great picture!

  6. o l d s h u t t e r h a n d

    The castles Katz and Mouse are about 3 km away from each other and in former times the relationship was more like cat and dog between them. The last three pics were taken through the train window in chronological order on a ride from Frankfurt to Bonn

  7. eek…great back story on the castles. is this one waiting for me to move in.

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