Regen …


… war in reichlichen Mengen angekündigt und nicht gefallen. Die Bauern konnten das Getreide heute noch in Sicherheit bringen, das Wetter wechselt dann wohl Morgen.

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  1. Yes, with all else that gets said about farmers these days, we tend to forget their total reliance on the weather . . lets hope they get the gather time they need.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I've never seen such a sky.

  3. superb shot…… love the field and the cloud is awesome…. You should be proud of photos like this.this is amazing.

  4. Wunderbar stimmungsvoll. Super!

  5. inés

    I really love this kind of scape !!! great shot, great sunshine !

  6. Volker

    Sehr schönes Bild. Hervorragende PP.

  7. Very nice capture, great sky.

  8. Tolle Stimmung.

  9. Wonderful, I really like the lines in the shot and the excellent processing.

  10. Still

    A splendid one!

  11. beautiful open space pic with great sky 😉

  12. Phideas


  13. Amazing landscape, it's wonderful ! Great treatment.
    My vote for you on Coolphotoblog. Bravo, great work !

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