Wasser …

Burg Egloffstein

… Burg auf dem Berg. Kraftwerk unterhalb von Burg Egloffstein.

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6 Kommentare

  1. Great tree framing of this photogenic scene.

  2. That is a superb composition with that building on the hill in such a strong position.

  3. Wolfgang

    Schöne Perspektive und gute Bildgestaltung. Gefällt mir!

  4. The power of the water can be something beneficial as something destructive.
    In this case, it is clearly something beneficial.

    Great moment.

  5. I like the camera angle on the image, cool. And I also voted for you at Coolphotoblog. All the best

  6. John Maslowski

    Like the low wide angle view, a fabulous shot of this fascinating scene!

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