Wie ein Analphabet …

Markt in Peking

… sich fühlt kann ich mir in Anbetracht der vielen für mich unlesbaren Schriftzeichen ungefähr vorstellen

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Schön in einen Zusammenhang gebracht! Und auch die zwei Personen scheinen dabei zu sein, etwas zu entziffern.
Gut getroffenes Streetphoto.
Schönen Sonnatg noch und Gruß,

Love the clutter of commodities you captured here.
Again, I am surprised that the two people in the store do not seem to take notice of you. Does the majority of the Chinese ignore foreigners with a camera?

In Chinese major cities the people are used to foreigners and no one takes a notice. Most of the photos were taken at a market which was quite crowded. I just had to notice the scene I wanted to capture and act quite quick, maybe point and shoot is an expression that describes it well. But the most important thing is that I always leave the camera down using the turnable screen and if I am quick enough no one notices me.
This method doesn’t work always as you can see in the following post. The vendor was staring at me all the time and I was trying to catch a moment him not looking at me. No chance. Maybe he didn’t have a license or something like that and was very watchful. After about 5 minutes I gave up.

Thanks a lot – Reinhold – for the detailed answer to my question. Now I have a good idea how you took all these fascinating street photographs.
I once had a camera with a turnable screen and used it fort this purpose by myself. Most of the fancy DLSRs don’t have this option – too bad!

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