Wasserfarben …

Wasserfarben Malerei

… oder in diesem Falle Eisfarben. Wie der Pinsel geschmeidig bleibt ist mir allerdings ein Rätsel.

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4 Kommentare

  1. That’s a truly interesting assembly of spectators around this unusual street artist. It looks like you were the only westerner in this group but nobody is looking at you. I find this noteworthy too.

    • On my first trip to China 1986 people didn’t bother staring at me and pointing with fingers especially at my moustache. Nowadays everyone is used to westerners like we are used to Chinese people visiting our places of interest like for example my hometown Bamberg. Thanks for commenting Arnd.

  2. beanow

    Cool street shot … Lots of interesting details..

  3. Not the easiest way to paint, but it keeps him of his knees. It’s a great street scene.

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