Reisen …


… und Arbeiten in Franken

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  1. looking at this image actually makes me dizzy. i've never had a motion shot do that before. fascinating result.

  2. John Maslowski

    Fantastic journey, can feel the motion. Really like the back seat view along with the mirror reflection, outstanding capture!

  3. Wow, I get dizzy! (oh, Sherri already said that … but same for me). I agree this is really a strange and cool effect. Wow!

  4. Claus Petersen

    Love how you have captured the speed here.

  5. SChöne Dynamik, und das Spiegelbild gefäält mir auch sehr gut.

  6. wow.. beautiful image. Amazing composition and motion effect.

  7. Shaplov Evgeny

    Train ride in the cab – my old dream…)

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