Schinken und Würste …

Wurstverkäufer in Barcelona

… in Barcelona

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  1. Mmh, da würde ich sofort zuschlagen!

  2. Zum Glück gibt es gleich Mittagessen 😉 .. sieht nach leckerem Parmaschinken aus.

  3. lost in meat 🙂

  4. fantastic shot! that is so much meat! and the guy behind the counter is just barely visible behind it all. nicely done!

  5. John Maslowski

    Amazing photo, the meat looks so appetizing. Such a clean looking place, great shot.

  6. noxeus

    I note that my country has traveled. I hope that your impressions were good. The great pictures. I can feel the sensibility of an artist who has two staves, one for audio and one for color

  7. Bonsoir,
    An amazing composition..The society of consommation.. the end of the diet..:-)

  8. lighting is good here. nice find, sehr gut!

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