Ground Zero …

Workers at the World Trade Center Memorial construction site

… zur Mittagszeit.

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9 Kommentare

  1. super – du hast die beiden hervorragend erwischt.

  2. Really nice reflection above their heads. I see you!:-) I like this.

  3. I was so intent on the image I failed to notice your title. Ground zero. Sobering.

  4. i like this break time pic!

  5. PixeLuz

    I wonder how it is to work on this place. Which kind of thoughts workers feel? Well, you chose to show us that life must go on. Not working there would be admitting a defeat.

  6. Sehr gelungenes Foto … immer cool drauf die Amerikaner 😉

  7. so graphic! i love the framing with the men in the middle, great!

  8. Genial! Klasse eingefangen.

  9. Too funny. The overhead reflection adds tons of interest, too.

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