Frühling …

NYC 5th Avenue

… im Central Park

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10 Kommentare

  1. Very nice and sensitive candid shot.

  2. Muss Liebe schön sein … klasse eingefangen

  3. John Maslowski

    Guess spring is in the air among other things. Hope you didn't interrupt anything, or maybe it's better that you did. Have to admit this is an interesting candid capture.

  4. PixeLuz

    He looks almost surprised by her attitude. Or is he skeptical? Great capture!

  5. Joachim

    Interesting scene. Looks like an old man and a young woman.

  6. oldshutterhand

    Thanks for the comments. The lady was almost as old as the gentleman but twice as active.

  7. Good candid shot!

  8. Wonderful scene, very well captured.

  9. 19 Seconds Of Spring

    Wow! Nice candid…

  10. François

    Veronika, Veronika… der Lenz ist da !

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