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… feuerwerk der Sandkirchweih 2007. Der Sommer war regenreich das Fest blieb aber verschont.

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  1. I always envy images like this because I don't have a camera that can capture fireworks or night shots. What a splendid display you've captured.

  2. very nice fireworks shot! Well done – i know how difficult it is to frame it right and to get them all in one shot….

  3. For some reason, I don’t much care for firework shots but this is so spectacular, so perfectly formed I just had to say so!! Well done.

  4. Fantastic fireworks! Nice timing.

  5. Volker

    Tolles Bild! Auch mit der "Skyline" Bambergs. Original Aufnahme oder Gollage?

  6. beautiful capture! like some eternal flowers

  7. Very nice shot ! great colors !

  8. David

    This is spectacular! Framing and exposure are perfect….one of your best!

  9. Party time!!!! Great capture, very cool colors and details…

  10. A nice shot uninverted also.

  11. A beautiful event. Nice captured.

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