Unglaublich …

St.Petersburg Strand

… diese Mengen von Müll. Einen echten Russen kann sowas aber nicht erschüttern, gebadet wird trotzdem.
Für den Notfall gibt es Pflaster.

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8 Kommentare

  1. What a brilliantly colored sky. I like the people standing in the photo.

  2. Great sky, but you are correct, the beach looks very trashy.

  3. A very appealing beach scene. I like the composition you created with the individuals the focal point rather than the sun.
    Very nice shot.

  4. I agree with Don, excellent composition and wonderful sky. Well done!

  5. Barbro / Picturecave

    I really like how you composed this picture; it looks very romantic at first glance until one discovers the filthy beach and the cranes at the horizon. Nice work.

  6. clarence

    Amazing 'lovers' shot, too cool!

  7. martineb

    I am impressed by this colors of the sky. I love silhouettes too. Great composition!!

  8. Der starke inhaltliche Kontrast zwischen Romantik und Umweltverschmutzung verleiht dem Bild besondere Aussagekraft. Ein gelungener Beitrag.

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